Wendell S. Reilly 80C

Managing Partner
Grapevine Partners
Atlanta, Georgia

Wendell S. ReillyWendell Reilly was elected an alumni trustee in 2001 and a term trustee in 2005. A 1980 graduate of Emory College, he earned his MBA in finance from Vanderbilt University in 1983.

Reilly serves as chair of Berman Capital Advisors, an independent investment advisory firm located in Atlanta. He is also a general partner of Peachtree Equity Partners, an SBIC debenture loan fund in Atlanta, and he serves as a senior adviser to Star Mountain Capital, an affiliated investment loan fund based in New York City. Prior to his current positions, Reilly was CEO of Grapevine Television and CFO of Haas Publishing Companies as well as the Lamar Corporation. He currently serves as a director of Lamar Advertising Company and the lead director of Brown & Brown.

Reilly led the efforts for Emory College of Arts and Sciences as part of the last university comprehensive campaign. A native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, he serves on the boards of The Carter Center and the International Center for Journalists.