Katherine T. Rohrer 74C

Vice Provost Emeritus
Princeton University
Princeton, New Jersey

Katherine T. RohrerKatherine T. Rohrer graduated from Emory College with highest honors in music. A member of the Stipe Society of Scholars, she was elected to Phi Beta Kappa and served as student conductor of the Emory Women’s Chorale. She earned a PhD in musicology at Princeton University in 1980 and taught on the faculties of Princeton and Columbia Universities between 1979 and 1988. She has held both Danforth and Fulbright fellowships.

In 1988 she returned to Princeton as an academic administrator and served successively as director of studies, assistant dean of the college, and associate dean of the faculty. Rohrer was named vice provost for academic programs in 2001. She was secretary of the Academic Planning Group and of the Priorities Committee, which advises the president on the university’s annual operating budget. In 2015 Rohrer retired from the university and was granted the title vice provost emeritus by its board of trustees. 

Rohrer joined the Emory Alumni Board in 2004 and was elected an alumni trustee in 2008 and a term trustee in 2014. She previously served on the vestry of Trinity Church, Princeton, and as a trustee of the Morristown-Beard School, the William Alexander Procter Foundation, the Dryden Ensemble, and the Opera Festival of New Jersey.