School Boards and Advisory Councils


Emory Alumni Board

The Emory Alumni Board (EAB) is an advisory board with working committees that represents Emory's 141,000 alumni. EAB members work to develop and disseminate policy and oversee the activities of the Emory Alumni Association. The EAB consists of alumni representing all the schools and units, affinity groups, and regions that constitute Emory's alumni population. Its committees include Development, Initiatives, Executive, Marketing, Nominating and Leadership, and Student-to-Alumni Experience.

Candler Alumni Board

The mission of the Candler Alumni Board is to work collaboratively with Candler’s administration, faculty, staff, students, and alumni to assist strategic efforts of the school in the areas of development, recruitment, lifelong learning, student programming, and leadership formation; to prayerfully and financially support Candler’s mission to educate faithful and creative leaders for the church’s ministries in the world; and to provide a representative alumni body that will advise the Candler Alumni Association.

Committee of 100

Through its members, the Committee of 100 strengthens Candler’s ties with the church by serving as ambassadors for the school and working to stimulate interest in and support for ministerial education. The Committee of 100 was established by the Emory University Board of Trustees in April 1954; the first meeting was held in November of that year. Once established, the committee was instrumental in creating a one-percent giving plan for churches that has grown into the Ministerial Education Fund, which now supports the United Methodist Church’s 13 theological schools. The committee has taken on the building and renovation of facilities, has established scholarships and other endowments at Candler and at local churches to benefit Candler, and has served as a sounding board for the dean. The Committee of 100 remains one of the university’s significant advisory boards—continually advancing Candler and Emory University.

Board of Advisors of Candler School of Theology

The Board of Advisors of Candler School of Theology is charged with advising the dean and senior staff on topics of strategic significance to Candler’s mission, particularly those related to the church, the communities Candler serves, and theological education. The board is also charged with being ambassadors for the school. The Board of Advisors may be called on to review and offer reflection on strategic planning, curriculum, and topics raised by the dean and senior leadership, as well as matters brought by members of the board. Additionally, members may be called on to assist Candler with student recruitment and fund-raising. As ambassadors, the Board of Advisors assists Candler by sharing information about the school with families, friends, colleagues, and the public in hopes that these external constituencies will better understand Candler’s mission to educate faithful and creative leaders for the church’s ministries in the world. The members meet twice annually and have no policymaking or governing authority.

Emory College Alumni Board

The Emory College Alumni Board (ECAB) includes the college's strongest advocates and most vocal ambassadors. Serving as advocates, ambassadors, advisers, and philanthropic supporters, the members of the ECAB work closely with the dean of Emory College and Emory College Development and Alumni Relations to advance the college's work and its academic mission of teaching and research.

Emory School of Medicine Alumni Board

The Emory School of Medicine Alumni Board is a high-level advisory board that seeks to further the educational mission of the School of Medicine and the university; to promote close ties among Emory’s medical alumni and the School of Medicine; to advance the cause of medical education; to provide lifelong learning and leadership opportunities; to increase philanthropic support for the School of Medicine; and to facilitate alumni participation in the university and its mission.

Winship Cancer Institute Board of Advisors

The Winship Cancer Institute Board of Advisors assists Winship Cancer Insitute in being recognized as the preeminent cancer institute for research, patient care, and medical education in Georgia and also fosters its further development. The board and its members aid in this goal by:

  • Advancing the story and strength of Winship Cancer Institute in the community and around the state and nation;
  • Aiding Winship Cancer Institute in developing mutually beneficial partnerships and alliances with individuals, foundations, businesses, and organizations on a local, national, and international level;
  • Assisting in the development of financial resources needed for Winship Cancer Institute to achieve its goals;
  • Contributing to the recruitment of outstanding volunteers, faculty, and staff; 
  • Being educated about issues facing health care, especially those that affect cancer treatment and research.

Friends of Winship

The mission of Friends of Winship is to build community understanding and awareness about Winship Cancer Institute and to augment financial and human resources. Friends of Winship will be instrumental in this process by:

  • Introducing Winship’s programs and services to the wider community.
  • Providing an ongoing community-based volunteer corps for Winship.
  • Providing support, as invited, for those currently undergoing treatment and those who seek treatment in the future.
  • Raising funds to support Winship’s programs in accordance with Winship’s overall fund-raising strategy.

Emory Eye Center Advisory Council

The Emory Eye Center Advisory Council comprises community volunteer leaders who donate their time and expertise to the Eye Center with the purpose of strengthening patient care, research, and education priorities.  

Friends of Emory Psychiatry

Originally established in 2005, the Friends of Emory Psychiatry group provides support to the chair of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. The group’s members serve as ambassadors to the community, sharing information about the department and its resources as well as making philanthropic connections for the department. The group meets several times a year to learn about the department and to meet faculty who are involved in innovative research and providing evidence-based treatments to our patients. 

Laney Development Council

Members of the Laney Development Council serve as advisers to and a fund-raising resource for the dean, development office, faculty, staff, and students. They are a connection to external corporate and community leaders and aid in raising the Laney Graduate School’s endowment and increasing funding for special projects. The Laney Development Council is a group of volunteer leaders committed to promoting the graduate school’s vision and mission.

Board of Counselors for Oxford College

The Board of Counselors is an advisory body to the administration of Oxford College and operates within the framework of Emory University, whose policy is established by the Emory University Board of Trustees. The board offers focused counsel to the college regarding issues it deems to be the college’s highest current priorities. The board also offers counsel in two ways: by reviewing the college’s and the board’s performance in its previous attempts to address the aforementioned priorities and by envisioning the immediate and long-range future actions that the board and the college will take to appropriately address the those priorities.

Oxford College Alumni Board

The purpose of the Oxford College Alumni Board is to support and promote educational excellence at Oxford College by creating and sustaining a mechanism through which Oxford College can regularly communicate with and serve its alumni, as well as a means through which alumni may communicate with and serve Oxford College. For more information about the board or becoming a member, please contact the Oxford College Development and Alumni Relations Office: Tammy Camfield 89Ox 91C, senior alumni relations director, at 770.784.8414.

Campus Life Council

The Campus Life Council (CLC) is an integral part of Emory University’s Division of Campus Life, providing valuable guidance on how best to secure resources, engage alumni, and advance the work of the division. The CLC comprises volunteer leaders committed to promoting Campus Life’s vision and mission. It continually searches for best practices to support student life at Emory and serves as a resource for the dean, development director, staff, students, and community.   

Nurses' Alumni Association Board

The Nurses' Alumni Association Board represents the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing’s 7,000+ alumni, serves as ambassadors, and collaborates with the school to lead efforts through engagement and philanthropy with students and alumni. The board upholds the mission of the Nurses’ Alumni Association: to advance the school’s mission by promoting lifelong relationships among alumni and strengthening their connection to the school through social, professional, and philanthropic opportunities.

School of Nursing Dean's Advisory Board

The Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing Dean’s Advisory Board is an integral part of Emory University’s School of Nursing. It provides valuable input on the school’s strategic-planning process and responds to the financial and intellectual resources needed by the school. The advisory board consists of volunteer leaders committed to advancing the School of Nursing’s vision and mission. The board serves as a resource for the dean, development office, and faculty and students as the school continually searches for best practices through research as well as new paradigms of health care and pedagogy.