Academic Affairs Committee

The Academic Affairs Committee reviews any recommendations of an academic nature upon which the Board of Trustees or its Executive Committee votes or establishes policy. The Academic Affairs Committee supports the institution's academic mission by reviewing or approving recommendations regarding appointment of academic deans, continuous appointments for faculty, proposed additions or deletions of degree offerings, and nominations of candidates for honorary degrees. The committee makes recommendations on these and any other academic matters to the Executive Committee or the Board of Trustees.


  • Adam H. Rogers, Chair
  • William A. Brosius
  • David W. Graves
  • Muhtar Kent*
  • Allegra Lawrence-Hardy
  • Jonathan K. Layne*
  • Deborah A. Marlowe
  • Stuart A. Rose
  • Cynthia M. Sanborn
  • Gregory J. Vaughn
  • Nitika Gupta, Faculty Counselor
  • George Shepherd, Faculty Counselor

*Non-voting trustee emeritus