Finance Committee

The Finance Committee collaborates with the president of the university in the preparation of the annual integrated financial plan of the university. The proposed annual integrated financial plan for the ensuing fiscal year is approved by the Finance Committee and submitted to the Board of Trustees or its Executive Committee. The Finance Committee also reviews and makes recommendations regarding proposals for funding capital projects or other major expenditures not included in the annual budget process.


  • Thomas I. Barkin, Chair
  • Thomas D. Bell Jr.*
  • James W. Burns**
  • Shantella Cooper
  • Allison Dukes
  • Andrew W. Evans
  • John G. Rice
  • Rick M. Rieder
  • Adam H. Rogers
  • E. Jenner Wood III*
  • Usha Rackliffe, Faculty Counselor

*Non-voting trustee emeritus

**Non-voting regular meeting attendee