Investment Committee

The Investment Committee has general oversight of the investments of the university and has the authority, from time to time and when in its opinion the best interests of the university justify such action, to authorize the sale of any securities owned by the university, to authorize the purchase of any securities in which the funds of the university should in its judgment be invested, and to approve other investment strategies.


  • James W. Burns, Chair
  • Rick M. Rieder, Vice Chair
  • Sarah B. Brown
  • Darren W. Cohen
  • Tash Elwyn
  • Ben F. Johnson III*
  • Lee P. Miller
  • Wendell S. Reilly*
  • William H. Rogers Jr.
  • Stuart A. Rose
  • Mitchell A. Tanzman
  • Hashem Dezhbakhsh, Faculty Counselor

*Non-voting trustee emeritus