Governance, Trusteeship, and Nominations Committee

The Governance, Trusteeship, and Nominations Committee regularly evaluates the structure, composition, and membership of the Board of Trustees; identifies, recruits, and presents to the board nominations for membership; oversees the orientation of new trustees toward fulfilling the responsibilities of trusteeship; and makes appropriate recommendations to improve board effectiveness to the Board of Trustees or its Executive Committee.


  • Leah Ward Sears, Chair
  • Kathelen Amos
  • Henry L. Bowden Jr.*
  • Robert C. Goddard III
  • Javier C. Goizueta
  • C. Robert Henrikson*
  • John L. Latham
  • William T. McAlilly
  • Teresa M. Rivero
  • Chilton D. Varner*

*Non-voting trustee emeritus committee appointment